Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Refilling Cartridges

Please refer to our diagram below.

1.) Use a razor knife to slice off the spent ribbon from the take up spool.
2.) Use pruning sheers to cut at 1 o'clock on the cartridge's drive end.
3.) Cut again at 3 o'clock. Angle it downward so you remove the cartridge's tooth.
4.) The new opening should look something like this. The part removed is also shown here.
5.) The easiest way to get the spool out is to twist/roll it out as shown.
6.) Transfer the caps to the new core. Align the tabs with the slots, insert completely.
7.) Twist/roll the ribbon into the cartridge. Make sure it will unwind correctly.
8.) Pull the ribbon across and tape it to the take up spool as shown. Wind it one turn.
9.) You're done. Go print.