Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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ThermalGerber Edge FX with Convex High-Bond Printing

Produce your own Sport Decals with the Gerber Edge FX!


You can print, laminate and cut your own super thick decals for Helmets, MX bikes, ATV's, etc. With the Edge you you can print just what you need when you need it.

The benefits of the Gerber Edge are spot colors, metallics, and white. Also printing on clear and flood coating with white, back slitting and die cutting, and printing on many products you can't print on with ink jets. The only drawback is it's printable width.

But don't be fooled... The Gerber Edge is more versatile and capable of producing more durable products for industry as well as for sports, retail, vehicles, etc.

The Edge FX system is an advanced digital solution that is designed to quickly produce indoor and outdoor durable highly-customized labels, markings, control panels, bar-coded data plates, nameplates or other product information.
Print one prototype or hundreds of markings, all on demand.

And with the ability to import data lists. Every label or data plate can contain different information.

The Edge FX has an exceptional color range that goes beyond traditional printing processes and can easily produce chrome/foil stamp, holographic, and fluorescent effects. There are also hundreds of durable materials to print on, with more being developed every day.