Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Pro-Shield LaminatePro-Shield Laminate

• Thick.
• Glossy.
• Durable.

Resists Failure In Abusive Applications.

This heavy duty, flexible clear vinyl laminate with a permanent acrylic adhesive has an extremely durable surface and a resistance to failure in abusive applications.

Pro-Shield is not as soft and pliable as Convex laminate, but it is high-gloss and tougher to rub through. It conforms well with the aid of a heat gun.

Available in: 7 mil, & 12 mil.

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Main Features

Pros need crystal clear, thick and heavy duty laminates with a permanent adhesive.

We developed Pro-Shield™ as the solution for shroud and air box areas on MX bikes that receive a tremendous amount of abrasion from boots & knee braces.

Many professional shops choose to use the combination of Convex® High-Bond with Pro-Shield for the whole bike because they can mold the Pro-Shield to almost any shape with the aid of a heat gun.

Pro-Shield comes in 7 and 12 mil. That means that when you print with 6 mil Convex®, and use Pro-Shield 12 mil., your result is an 18 mil thick decal. This provides an extremely durable barrier for your graphics.

Use the thicker laminate for the areas receiving the most abrasion. Unless the consumer knows how to apply Pro-Shield laminated graphics with a heat gun, use Convex laminate and leave the Pro-Shield for the Pro applicators.


General Description: Flexible heavy duty clear vinyl with clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Different combinations of base materials and Pro-Shield can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses and prices.

Thickness 7 mil vinyl with 1 mil. of adhesive
12 mil vinyl with 1 mil. of adhesive
Outdoor Life 2 years
Shelf Life 1 years stored at 70º F & 50%RH
Adhesive Properties General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces.
Service Temperature Range -40º F to 176º F
Minimum Application Temp. 50º F

Recommended Application Techniques: Convex® brand base materials are recommended In combination with Pro-Shield. Apply with cold laminator or by hand. When Laminate is separated from the liner it is unsupported and can stretch during the laminating process. If there is too much reverse tension applied on the supply roll it will stretch and curl up immediately when it is cut.