Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Model Mark Transfer

Revolutionary, ultra-thin transfer media.

Golf Cart Tires

Transfer graphics for tires—A “tattoo” for tires that looks painted on!

  • Ultra clear – only 8 microns thick (1/3 of a mil)
  • Two different adhesives available
  • Uses are unlimited for transfers
  • Specially made for the Gerber Edge®
  • Excellent for tamper evident markings

ModelMark with RubberMark adhesive is a revolutionary ultra-thin material that allows you to create transfer graphics for tires (rubber) and just about anything else. Create a tattoo for tires! This is not an ordinary tire sticker: print in reverse on this crystal clear transfer media, and then apply transfer adhesive formulated for your need. Metallic, glitter, multiple colors, get creative! When you apply the graphic, there is no film… just the colored foil, which becomes part of the adhesive. Are you creating custom graphics for tires or rubber boats? Choose RubberMark™ adhesive for transfers that will last, even under abusive conditions

Use ModelMark To Customize Just About Anything

Perhaps you want to customize a hard surface, such as a bike frame or pool cue. ModelMark™ with ModelMark™ adhesive will be practically invisible and ready to clear-coat. Similar in concept to “WaterSlide,” ModelMark is more durable and not brittle, making application easier and more manageable. Since there is no physical film to get under, water, air, and dirt can’t peel it off. We recommend you speak with one of our in-house Gerber Specialists to guide you to the best adhesive choice for your need. Kits are also available to ensure that you get adhesive that is compatible with ModelMark™ at the best possible price.

Cue Stick Decal

Dragon Decal before Installation



Once printed, the appropriate adhesive for the surface can be laminated to the printed side to construct a graphic transfer. It is recommended to be cut on both sides with the adhesive side bigger if you are going to ship the graphics. If you are going to apply them yourself, you only have to cut one side.

The flower in the picture below was applied to the textured part of the tire. This is what it looked like after it was driven on a 1,200 mile trip from Chicago to Alabama and back. The logo on the MX tire was taken for an 8 hour enduro ride and remained completely intact. According to the rider, the tire had very little tread left.

To remove ModelMark with RubberMark psa, it is recommended to use a pressure washer (carefully so as not to cut the tire).Geomax Tire

Flower after Use