Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Soft, Flexible Heat Transfer Media...• Easy To WeedJersiprint™ Printable Media for Fabrics
• Washes Well
• High Opacity

Shiny or matte finish depending on application!

Main Features

JersiPrint is a soft flexible vinyl specifically formulated to print on, kiss cut, and then transfer onto fabrics such as cotton, polyester and some nylons.*

Printing methods include Thermal Transfer, EcoSolvent and Solvent ink jet.  JersiPrint has a soft hand, is easy to weed, has high opacity, washes well, and can be finished with shiny or matte effects.


General Description:Rigid clear film with an embossed velvet texture and a clear permanent acrylic adhesive.  Used for over laminating. 

Excellent resistance to most cleaning chemicals, petroleum products, and abrasion.  This film also exhibits excellent resistance to cracking (flex-stress tests) under the stress of push-button overlay applications.

Thickness 6 mil. PVC on a polyester liner
Shelf Life 2 years stored in cool dry conditions.  Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Service Temperature Range 32º F to 140º F
Minimum Application Temp. 305º F to 320º F / 8 -10 seconds, medium pressure.  Peel while hot.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATION: Use to transfer to 100% cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester, polyester blends, and some nylons.  Test all processes including heat transfer and washing.  Application to sublimated garments can cause migration of fabric dyes into the Jersiprint.

Printing: For thermal transfer such as the Gerber Edge, use the 220 Scotchcal setting.  For EcoSol and Solvent ink jets, use a profile for polymer vinyl. Do not mirror the artwork.  Print “right reading.”

Shiny or Matte finish:  For a shiny effect, remove the printed art from the liner and place it in position on the fabric.  Cover the printed art with a silicone coated sheet while heat pressing. Peel Hot. (Silicone is generally what the non-stick side of vinyl liners are coated with.)  Test it to be sure.

For a Matte finish, place a piece of matte paper such as copier paper or kraft paper over the art once it is in position on the fabric.  Peel Hot.  Test it to be sure.