Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Convex Media

Convex High-Bond Convex GearWrap
Convex High-Bond Convex GearWrap
Convex High-Bond is used to make decals for motocross bikes and other vehicles with low energy plastic surfaces.

Finish: Gloss for thermal or Matte for Inkjet

Applications: Use Convex Laminates when you need to cover complex curves such as helmets. Convex laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.

Convex GearWrap is the vinyl for helmets and sport gear.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Convex GearWrap’s adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets and is cleanly removable for up to one year.
GearWrap is a very pliable vinyl and is designed to conform to convex curves.

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Convex can be applied to both high and low energy surfaces. It is intended to be printed on with thermal transfer printers such as Gerber and Summa brands, or wide-format inkjet printers such as Roland, Mimaki, or Mutoh brands.

Convex materials are ideal for surfaces such as enamel painted, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, vinyl and ABS plastics.

Convex is not “shrink wrap”, but it does conform well to rounded surfaces because it has less “memory” than other vinyl.

Is thicker better?

When printed on and laminated with compatible Convex or Pro-Shield™ laminates, you can make thick decals that can take a real beating. Harder laminates can last longer, but scratching is more evident. Convex™ Laminate is softer and more pliable. Pro-Shield Laminate is harder and less pliable.

All Convex and Pro-Shield laminates are made to work with Convex vinyl. If you know your intended application, you should be able to find the right combination. And you can always call us for our recommendation.

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