Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Convex® High-Bond Sticks!Convex High-Bond for Motocross decals and stickers

It sticks to plastics. It sticks to powder-coated paint. And it stays stuck.

• Vinyl that conforms to complex curves
• High-Bond Adhesive sticks to plastics/powder paint
• Made for Motocross, ATV and Kart plastics

The Pros use Convex High-Bond because they know they can
depend on it, every time.

Convex sticks to to bike, ATV, sled and kart plastics. With Convex High-Bond you know that your work will stay on your plastic... and not end up in the dirt.

Toughest Tough, Conformable Most Conformable
Convex and Pro Shield Convex and Pro Shield Convex and Convex Laminate
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
12 mil Pro-Shield
MX Bikes, ATVs
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
7 mil Pro-Shield
Complex Curves &
MX Bike Numberplates
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
8 mil Convex Laminate
Complex Curves, ATVs Rhinos
High-Bond is a very aggressive permanent adhesive that sticks to low energy plastics, powder-painted, and textured surfaces. 10 mil Convex High-Bond can be made upon request.

Gerber Edge Ready Convex Inkjet ready Convex
  • 6 mil
  • White Gloss or Clear
  • Standard or Outdoor UV
  • 6 mil
  • White Matte
  • Use Generic Matte Profile
  • This material is ideal for high-quality durable markings or decals on motocross bikes, ATV's, cars, gasoline pumps, vending machines, ATMs, outdoor power equipment, and other interior and exterior markings. Convex is not “shrink wrap”, but it does conform well to rounded surfaces because it has less “memory” than other vinyl.


    General Description: Clear and White, soft, flexible vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Convex™ vinyls are intended to be used for thermal resin transfer printing and/or over-laminating. Pl ease use Convex™ High-Bond Matte for ink jet printing.

    Different combinations of Convex® or Pro-Shield™ laminates can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom.

    Thickness 4 mil vinyl with 2 mil. of adhesive.
    Outdoor Life 2 years, 6 years for matte, and 7 years for UV gloss
    Shelf Life 2 years stored at 70º F & 50%RH
    Adhesive Properties 2 mils. of permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works for most surfaces including textured low energy plastic and metal surfaces
    Service Temperature Range -40º F to 176º F
    Minimum Application Temp. 50º F

    Recommended Application Techniques: Prep molded plastic surfaces with acetone or alcohol to remove "mold release" and other contaminates from the surface. Apply dry or wet. High-Bond adhesive is not made for repositioning, so be sure to take care when applying.