Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Convex® GearWrap™Convex Conforms To Curves

GearWrap Sticks to Helmets,
& Electronics.
• Vinyl that conforms to complex curves

• GearWrap Adhesive sticks to plastics/metals

Convex GearWrap’s adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets and is cleanly removable for up to one year, which makes refurbishing easier.

The adhesive is a high-performance clear (initially repositionable) permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that is ideal for enamel painted surfaces, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, vinyl and ABS plastics.

Most Conformable Tough Thickest
Convex and Convex Laminate Convex and Convex Laminate Convex and Convex Laminate
4 mil Convex GearWrap with
4 mil Convex Laminate
Mini-helmets, Electronics, and Gear
4 mil Convex GearWrap with
8 mil Convex Laminate
Higher Durability but Conformable
8 mil Convex GearWrap with
8 mil Convex Laminate
18 mil, most durable for Helmets

Convex GearWrap for Helmets and Sports gearMain Features

GearWrap is a stretchable, very pliable vinyl, which can adhere to plastics and is removable for the first year. Convex and Convex laminates are formulated with the right amount of adhesive, insuring that your decals have minimal shrinking and last for a long time.

When we first developed Convex for football helmets, our customers wanted the decals to remove clean with as little residual adhesive left on the helmet as possible. This cuts down on the labor involved in refurbishing helmets for new decals.

GearWrap Convex will remove clean from most smooth or painted surfaces without leaving adhesive behind. Convex is not “shrink wrap”, but it does conform well to rounded surfaces because it has less “memory” than other vinyl.

So when it is applied to a helmet for instance, and rubbed from the center out, you should be able to rub out the “air tunnels,” which is squeezing or condensing the vinyl. With that said, everything has it’s limits, and a strategic cut into the design may help with the application.

GearWrap vinyl is available for thermal printers in 4 and 8 mils thick clear or white gloss. For wide-format inkjets, we have GearWrap, available in 4 mils thick.


General Description: Clear and White, soft, flexible vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Convex™ base materials are intended to be used for thermal resin transfer/solvent inkjet printing and/or over-laminating.

Different combinations of Convex™ or Pro-Shield™ laminates can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom.

Thickness 4 or 8 mil vinyl with 1 mil. of adhesive.
Outdoor Life 2 years - Convex GearWrap
7 Years - Convex GearWrap UV
Shelf Life 2 years stored at 70º F & 50%RH
Adhesive Properties General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces. Not recommended for low energy plastics
Service Temp Range -40º F to 176º F
Minimum Application Temp. 50º F

Recommended Application Techniques:On curved surfaces such as helmets, apply by rubbing from the center out. When Convex Laminate is separated from the liner it is unsupported and can stretch during the laminating process. If there is too much reverse tension applied on the supply roll it will stretch and curl up immediately when it is cut. Laminate with a cold pressure sensitive laminator or by hand.