Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Armalex™ LaminateArmalex Laminate

Arm your graphics with Armalex... and get the "Matte Look."

Armalex demonstrates amazing resistance to wear and tear from knee braces and boots.
Armalex is an 8 mil velvet textured, pressure sensitive laminate that is formulated to be a durable covering that resists harsh cleaners, chemicals and petroleum products. 

We have tested Armalex with everything from gasoline and hydraulic oil to sulfuric acid on samples for vehicles. 
Because Armalex is a laminate, you can use your favorite base material with the appropriate adhesive for the job.

Main Features

Super scratch resistant laminate protects your labels. Great for watercraft and recreational vehicles.

This textured clear flexible laminate provides anti-scratch characteristics to the surface or media it is applied to.  Armalex Laminate is an alternative to polycarbonate with industrial strength durability.


General Description: Rigid clear film with an embossed velvet texture and a clear permanent acrylic adhesive.  Used for over laminating. 

Excellent resistance to most cleaning chemicals, petroleum products, and abrasion.  This film also exhibits excellent resistance to cracking (flex-stress tests) under the stress of push-button overlay applications.

Thickness 8 mil. film, plus 1. mil of adhesive.
Outdoor Life 5+ years
Shelf Life 2 years stored at 70º F & 50%RH
Adhesive Properties General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces.  Not recommended for direct application to low energy plastics.
Service Temperature Range 0º F to 175º F (-32°C to 40°C)
Minimum Application Temp. 50º F (10°C)

RECOMMENDED APPLICATION: Laminate with a cold pressure sensitive laminator or by hand.  To much reverse tension (drag) on the laminate may cause curling in the finished product.