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Convex Media and Laminates Create Thick Durable Decals!

Convex High-Bond


Pro-Shield Laminate


Convex and Pro Shield
Convex vinyl is ideal for applying to complex curved surfaces. Convex comes with two main adhesives:

GearWrap - Helmets & Gear
• High-Bond - Plastics

Laminates There are four compatible laminates:

Convex - Most Conformable
• Pro-Shield - Thick & Tough
Stubbl - Non-slip
• Armalex - Non-Scratch Matte
Convex is available in a variety of constructions to fit your graphics needs. Convex Vinyl is specifically made to apply over the curves of modern bikes, helmets, ATVs, cars and sport gear.

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Convex Media
Convex High-Bond Convex GearWrap
Convex High-Bond Convex GearWrap
Convex High-Bond is used to make decals for motocross bikes and other vehicles with low energy plastic surfaces.

Finish: Gloss for thermal or Matte for Inkjet

Applications: Use Convex Laminates when you need to cover complex curves such as helmets. Convex laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.
Convex GearWrap is the vinyl for helmets and sport gear.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Convex GearWrap’s adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets and is cleanly removable for up to one year.
GearWrap is a very pliable vinyl and is designed to conform to convex curves.
Compatible Overlaminates
Convex Laminate Pro-Shield Laminate
Convex Laminate Convex Laminate is highly flexible and will conform to complex curves. Great for complex curves on helmets, bikes & ATVs.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Use Convex Laminates when you need to cover complex curves such as helmets. Convex laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.

Pro-Shield Laminate: Thick, durable laminates that are flexible but not as conformable as Convex laminates without the aid of a heat gun.

Finish: High Gloss

Applications: Use Pro-Shield Laminates when you need more durable, glossy surfaces. Pro-Shield laminated graphics will conform better with the aid of a heat gun when installing.
Stubbl Laminate Armalex Laminate
Stubbl is a heavily textured 18 mil thick laminate designed for applications where you need more traction in certain areas.

Finish: Rough pebble finish

Applications: Laminate with Stubbl where you need non-slip surfaces.
Armalex Laminate Gives your graphics the matte look. Armalex laminate gives you industrial strength durability and is scuff and scratch resistant. It is also resistant to cleaning agents and petrochemicals.

Finish: Matte

Applications: Use Armalex where you want a matte finish or extra durability.
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Compatible Printers
Thermal Printing Eco-Solvent Inkjet
Gerber Edge FX and Convex High-Bond Eco-Solvent Inkjet and Convex
The Edge FX dominates spot-color color printing with opaque, mirror, and metallic colors used for brands and logos. Thermal is the most durable.

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• Most durable production on a wider variety of materials than ink jets. More versatile.

• Integrated sprocket drives enables easy alignment of laminated graphics, back slitting and die cutting, printing two sides, and printing on 2nd surface.
Eco-Solvent Inkjet dominate in finer photo realistic and texture printing.

• Wider than 12" printing in one pass. Banners and posters.

• Photo realistic images and complicated art. Most ink jets are twice the resolution of the Gerber Edge.